Skills: Branding, Print
Client: Voice of San Diego

Politifest logo design by Ashley Lewis

In 2011, Voice of San Diego held its first annual Politifest event and asked me to design a poster for it. I developed a logo that married VOSD’s youthful energy with a sense of patriotism appropriate for the celebration of civic discourse that Politifest aspired to be. The poster and accompanying graphics emphasized the outdoor, family-friendly setting, where San Diegans were invited to kick back, let their kids play, and have a beer while engaging with policy makers about the issues facing their communities.

Politifest poster design by Ashley Lewis

Politifest magazine ad design by Ashley Lewis

In 2012 VOSD ran a successful campaign to crowdfund the second Politifest, making it an annual event. This ad appeared in VOSD Magazine.

Idea Tournament logo design by Ashley Lewis

Logo design for the Politifest Idea Tournament, where anyone could deliver a 5-minute pitch for how to improve San Diego.

Politifest event stage

The Politifest main stage in 2013 / Photo by Sam Hodgson

Politifest audience at Liberty Station

A capacity crowd fills the Liberty Station plaza where Politifest was held until 2014 / Photo by Sam Hodgson